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Eventbrite - Run For the Fallen 2019


Running Course

Our run is distinct from other events in that we are not a timed race but a group run. The running course is comprised of eight, 5 mile laps (8KM) that begin and end at Veterans Memorial Park in Middletown, CT. Each lap will honor eight heroes and hero markers will be posted every kilometer. Runners will run together as a group, stopping briefly each KM to honor a fallen service member. Runners must be able to maintain the set pace for the entire duration of the lap (no exceptions). RELAY TEAM registration is available this year so start a team and run all 65KM!


Laps 1-4: 10 min/mile

Laps 5-8: 11 min/mile

Lap 8, 5KM segment: 11 min/mile

Lap 8, Children’s 400m Group Run

Each segment will have a lap captain and police escorts to pace the group to ensure runners arrive safely and on time to each kilometer marker. Any runners who are not able to maintain pace with the group (or need to take a break) will be expected to ride in an escort vehicle and can be dropped off at any time to rejoin the group. Runners may register to run as many laps as they would like. Water stations will be available along the running route. Short breaks will be provided at the top of every hour in-between each lap at Veteran’s Memorial Park.


Lap 8 will include a 5KM segment for runners that would like to do a shorter distance at an 11 min/mile pace (group run). Runners will congregate at Snow Elementary School at 1:15pm in Middletown (at the route water stop) and join the group of runners as they pass by on the final lap. The lap will conclude at Veteran’s Park and the Remembrance Ceremony will follow at 2:30pm. The Children’s 400 meter run will join the runners for their final lap around the memorial (lap 8) at Veterans Memorial Park.

Limited transportation will be provided by a shuttle to Snow School and runners should plan for their own transportation accordingly.

2019 Running Route Document

Sequence of Events

Runners must arrive at least 30 minutes early for check-in/registration and to sign a liability waiver. Laps will depart every hour, on the hour starting at 6am. Runners gather 10 minutes prior to the start of their lap to meet the lap captain and receive a runner’s briefing. Five minutes prior to departure, there will be a moment of silence and all of the names will be read for the dedicated heroes on that lap. Each runner will be asked to wear a bib that displays the name of a fallen service member. Runners are encouraged to patriotic attire. A bag check will be available at the Running Tent. A water station with water and Gatorade will be provided halfway through the route.

Online runner registration closes September 19th
Eventbrite - Run For the Fallen 2019